The Back End of a Bus – or – The Public Service Vehicle As Artistic Medium


This is a major departure from what I originally conceived for the residency, but in the best way possible. It looks as though the final video will have a very different dynamic from the others I’ve made so far.

Although it may be unusual these days, I always consider the audience when I make work, and I try to apply production values from commercial media.

Here are some montages made from individual stills. This harks back to work I was making a few years ago that relied on the same-but-different effect of simultaneously recognizing the similarities and differences in groups of images.



There are more on Flickr here.

In 2003 – 2006 I made a series of computer-generated works under the name “HyperScape” which relied on the effect of recognizing patterns or similarities given certain cues. There is a playlist of videos about these works on YouTube here.

I love the ordered randomness of it all.

The videos are shot with Canon PowerShot A560’s, time-lapse enabled with the Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK).


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